Becoming A Franchisor

Becoming A Franchisor

4 Stores and 4 Years, or 4-get it.

We want you to succeed. So follow our simple advice. Don't try to become a franchisor until you have at least 4 successful stores and have been operating for four years or more. You may have a great idea, but an untried idea is not a franchise, it is a fraud and you will get sued for it. Build it first, prove to the world that it works, and then you will be ready to hit the jackpot in the world of franchising.

The Cold Facts of Franchising.

A franchise without experience and name recognition is next to worthless. Thousands of well-crafted and profitable franchise opportunities are out there competing for franchisees. Nobody but fools will be interested in yours if it is merely a 'ground floor' chance and there is no operational history, expertise and brand recognition to rely on. Fools make poor franchisees. They fail, then find lawyers like us, then sue.

Franchisors Must Be Business Gods

A good franchisor must be better and more knowledgeable about business in general and every aspect of his or her franchise than any franchisee. You must be a great accountant, a great promotor, a great seller, a great systems analyst, a great marketer, a great organizer, a great teacher, and a great problem solver. This is what franchisees expect, and frankly what they pay for. They are paying for your experience, your training, and a system you have developed which really works to make money. If you have not proven your mettle in the market BEFORE franchising, you will have done yourself and your franchisees a horrible disservice. They will quickly realize that you are a fake, that you do not have a well planned system, that you have little to teach, and your brand does nothing to bring them customers. We get angry calls of this type every week, franchisees wanting to sue. Therefore, get your system worked out long before franchising.

4 Years, 4 Stores

Our simple recipe for your success as a franchisor is that you work at it for at least four years before franchising, and have four locations, hopefully in different types of locations, one in the mountains, one in the city, one downtown, one suburban, or one at the mall, etc. And if they are not all making money regularly, DON'T FRANCHISE. You're not ready.

Hi There, Teacher!

A good franchisor teaches franchisees how to do EVERYTHING. Accounting, marketing, sales, cleaning, ordering, advertising, opening, closing, hiring, firing, you name it. You will need to develop several weeks, hopefully 3 weeks or more, of 8-hour classes designed to teach your franchisees these things. They expect you to do this. Be ready to become a super teacher. Your franchisees are paying you for your knowhow. Make it worth their money.

If Only Life Had an Instruction Manual!

You never had one. Franchisees DO, and you write it. Its called the Manual. It covers virtually everything they do from January 1 through December 31, and every day in between. It is the bible for them. Every answer to every business question they have ever had or ever will have is in the Manual because you thought about it and put it there. If you have not made a complete, total and systematic description of virtually every moment of every activity of your entire organization, don't franchise are not ready.

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