Business Startup and Formation

Business Startup and Formation

We Form Your LLC or Corporation and Handle Your Startup Legal Needs

Whether you are a new franchisee or franchisor, you will need to form a fresh LLC or corporation to house your new business. We perform the drafting of customized operating agreements, bylaws, minutes, articles, share certificates and other documents needed for you to get up and running. We often do these for a low flat fee, helping keep your costs under control. We regularly prepare for our franchise clients:

Let the franchise lawyers at The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. help you set up and establish your new business. But whoever you chose, always use a Lawyer! This is a dangerous, complex area of Business Law. The nuances and differences between LLC's, Corporations, Partnerships and other entities can be overwhelming, and mistakes can turn out to be very costly, particularly after many years of operations.

Be Smart: avoid cheap incorporation sites or do-it-yourself-filing.

Cheap "self-help" business formation sites ignore most of your detailed circumstances and can often result in not only loss of limited liability, but can involve you in costly securities fraud litigation. Our litigation department is full of cases where people mishandled their own incorporation or LLC formation. Limiting your liability and correctly organizing the structure of your business is the most important step you take in commercial life. The average businesses will not survive even a single well-aimed lawsuit if they are poorly structured. Always use a business lawyer to handle your corporate or LLC formation.

We can also assist clients with:

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