Earnings Claims

Earnings Claims

Beware of Franchise Performance Claims by Franchisors and Their Brokers

They Often Exaggerate ; It's Illegal.

The business lawyers of The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. provide services and representation in a broad area of franchise law matters, including analysis of earnings claims and review of earnings claims for fraudulent misrepresentation and failure to comply with Federal franchising law. We will explain how federal regulations and state franchise statutes apply to your situation and help you understand your needs better. Many times, franchise law issues affect other business matters, including tax structuring and contract law. Our business law experience helps us provide successful resolutions to many legal issues that arise in the day-to-day operations of a franchise business.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Unfortunately, disputes arise between franchisors and franchisees who relied upon exaggerated earnings claims. We provide intelligent and skillful dispute resolution that focuses on meeting the needs of our clients, whether it relates to Federal or State franchise issues, fraudulent misrepresentation of earnings, negligence or other wrongdoing. In the event that a dispute rises to the level of court litigation, we have the experience and resources to develop and present a strong case to resolutely protect our client's rights and interests.

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