Franchise Store Buildout

Franchise Store Buildout

Getting Ready to Construct your Franchise Store Location?

The franchise lawyers of The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. provide legal counsel and a full range of legal services for real estate development and construction projects relating to franchised businesses, big or small. We also represent individual property owners who may have a dispute with a builder relating to a franchise tenant.

We have the experience to handle a wide range of franchise construction issues, including matters that involve financing law, employment, real estate law, and land development. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Franchise Attorney and Real Estate Development Lawyer Services

How is this for a Nightmare? They won't finish your franchise location construction. It's not done right. The subcontractors have filed liens on the job, the landlord is furious, and the general contractor has all but walked off the job! Now your franchisor is going to terminate you for missing the store opening deadline and steal your non-refundable franchise fee! You need a skilled franchise attorney with construction experience right away. Call us now.

Sound Familiar? We finished the store remodel work to spec and paid our subcontractors, but the franchisee owner won't pay, pretending we ignored some verbal change orders. There is no construction agreement, no written change orders, just the signed original remodel estimate. Now the owner is selling the franchise and we'll never get paid. We have no lien yet! You need a franchise lawyer with construction experience. Call today.

Or how about this Headache? We did a build-out for this franchise tenant. The franchisor showed up and forced us to make a bunch of changes, and now they're both pointing fingers at each other neither one will pay us. Now we can't pay our people and they're coming after US! Can we lien the landlord's building? He's got a no-lien notice at the site. What do we do? Contact a franchise lawyer with real estate experience at The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. today!

You need a Franchise Lawyer and a Real Estate Attorney Rolled Into One!

Here's another mess. The franchisor referred us to this supposed hotshot contractor to do our buildout, and the guy not only over-charged us but botched the build out. Nothing is to spec, they didn't use fire retardant materials where they were supposed to, and we cant pass inspections. Ergo, we can't operate. And get this, the Franchisor charged us 10% of the inflated construction costs to 'supervise' the screwed-up process! You need a franchise lawyer with real estate development experience from The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. Call now.

Construction dispute resolution

Disputes that arise between franchisees, franchisors, builders, and subcontractors can bring an entire project to a halt. Most often, construction disputes arise out of non-payment or incomplete work issues. We are not a collection agency. We offer a full range of collection remedies such as mechanics liens, stop build notices, and other construction liens to ensure prompt payment. In our experience, franchise construction disputes and payment issues can often be resolved in negotiations that don't escalate into an expensive trial. When courtroom litigation is inevitable, however, we use our experience and the information provided by experts throughout the building trades to prepare a strong case that protects our clients' interests.

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