Review and Advisory Services for Franchise Disclosure Documents and UFOC's

Franchise Review and Advisory Lawyers Who Work Hard for You.

The FDD was supposed to make it easier for people to analyze and review franchises before buying one. It didn't make things easier. These FDD's have become complex 100 page plus documents which themselves need to be reviewed by a skilled franchise attorney. That's what we do.

Our franchise lawyers at The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. offer federal and state franchise document review services. They analyze and deconstruct the entire offering, summarizing all their findings in convenient memos making the strengths and risks of the deal easy to understand. Always have a lawyer review your UFOC or FDD. Your nest egg and many years of your life absolutely depend on it. Contact our law offices to learn more.

For Franchisees

Our franchise lawyers routinely analyze:

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Before You Do Anything, See That The FDD Contains All the Below: